Neuro42 licenses robotic technology from Johns Hopkins University


Neuro42 has announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA) for its magnetic resonance (MR)-compatible robot for head, neck and spine applications, with additional non-exclusive licenses for related technologies and patents.

Developed by Dan Stoianovici (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, USA), the robot provides targeted needle insertion with precision depth control. It is designed with nonmagnetic and nonconductive materials to be compatible with magnetic resonance imagers, according to a neuro42 press release.

“The novel architecture of our imaging system will incorporate the robot to facilitate image-guided interventions during brain biopsies, shunt placements and laser ablations, giving neurosurgeons a more practical intraoperative solution for such procedures than a traditional MRI [magnetic resonance imaging],” said Abhita Batra, co-founder and chief strategy officer of neuro42.

“We look forward to collaborating with the team at Johns Hopkins to enable safe and effective intraoperative MR treatments using the neuro42 scanner and the robot.”


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