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Biogen advances research to improve outcomes for patients with multiple sclerosis

Through its research initiatives, Biogen aims to identify new ways to manage and monitor multiple sclerosis (MS) disease progression and provide physicians with...


The truth about physician burnout

Writing in the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery, Kyle M Fargen (Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, USA) and Joshua A Hirsch (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA)...

Highly efficient neuroimaging for endovascular mechanical thrombectomy patient triage

Dylan N Wolman and Jeremy J Heit write in NeuroNews about the importance of neuroimaging and the role it plays in patient evaluation. Acute ischaemic...


Interventions in the aorta and manipulations in the aortic arch have become a “potential source of embolisation to the brain,” notes Roger Greenhalgh, Chairman of the CX Programme Organising Board. The Acute Stroke Consensus Plenary Programme will address the scope...

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