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COVID-19 stroke new york

COVID-19 patients are “hypercoagulable and at an increased risk for stroke”

The association between COVID-19 and the increased incidence of stroke continues to grow. Situated within the pandemic’s epicentre, Kurt Yaeger and J Mocco, neurosurgeons...
COVID-19 in London

Stroke care in London as pressure on NHS rises amid COVID-19

Following the announcement that the UK will remain on lockdown for the foreseeable future, NeuroNews speaks to Shahram Derakhshani about the impact of COVID-19...


Mayank Goyal and Johanna Ospel, both from the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, talk to NeuroNews about the challenges facing stroke care five years after endovascular therapy became the standard. But, as Goyal posits, “Right now, it is difficult...

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