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ISC News: AUGUSTUS secondary analysis confirms safety of blood thinning agent

Treatment with the blood thinner apixaban was associated with a lower risk of bleeding, death and hospitalisation compared with warfarin, regardless of history of...


Centres of excellence for neuromodulation: A critical proposal

While recognising that excellence derives from experience, Robert M Levy suggests that the neuromodulation community can better protect the field’s “desire to ensure excellence...
Demetrius Lopes

Surface modification: From bench to clinical practice

Demetrius Lopes has been working on the surface modification of stents and flow diverters, given that thromboembolic and antiplatelet-related complications represent the majority of...


Mario Muto (Naples, Italy), president of WFITN 2019 (World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology; 21-24 October; Naples, Italy), talks to BLearning Neuro about challenges in the neuroradiology field. Muto says that while endovascular, minimally invasive treatments being offered to treat stroke...

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