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David Putrino neuromodulation technology

Turning neuromodulation on its head: Fresh perspectives on interacting with the...

David Putrino has helped innovate a variety of “provocative” technologies within the field of neuromodulation, such as those with the potential to achieve modulatory...

Advanced engineering improves rates of revascularisation through the first-pass effect

Advertorial In acute ischaemic stroke, fast and complete recanalisation of the occluded vessel is associated with improved outcomes. While morbidity and mortality in these patients...


Jacques Moret (Paris, France) talks to BLearning Neuro about his presentation titled ‘Past, present and future of neuroradiology’ at ESMINT 2019 (European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy; 4–6 September 2019; Nice, France). Moret says that the discipline of neuroradiology was, in the...
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Patrick Brouwer

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Bart van der Worp