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Study finds “eye-opening” variability across physician estimations of flow-diverter deployment

A comparative study recently demonstrated the promise held by PreSize Neurovascular (Oxford Heartbeat) software in consistently and accurately making predictions about flow-diverter placement in...


Understanding brain aneurysms: Prevalence, burden, and empowering patients

In a guest piece for NeuroNews, Arūnė Simanavičienė (Kaunas, Lithuania) and Audrius Širvinskas (Vilnius, Lithuania) highlight the work being done by the Brain Aneurysm...

Evolving the standard of care: What is next for functional neurosurgery?

The proliferation of new technologies and advancements in the neurosciences space has showed little sign of slowing in recent years and—as John Rolston (Boston,...


There are multiple components of the PROST randomised controlled trial’s (RCT) design that set it apart from prior studies and make it somewhat unique in the stroke thrombectomy space. At this year’s European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy...
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