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COVID-19 stroke new york

COVID-19 patients are “hypercoagulable and at an increased risk for stroke”

The association between COVID-19 and the increased incidence of stroke continues to grow. Situated within the pandemic’s epicentre, Kurt Yaeger and J Mocco, neurosurgeons...
COVID-19 in London

Stroke care in London as pressure on NHS rises amid COVID-19

Following the announcement that the UK will remain on lockdown for the foreseeable future, NeuroNews speaks to Shahram Derakhshani about the impact of COVID-19...


Azam Ahmed (Madison, USA; moderator) was joined by Demetrius Lopes (Chicago, USA) and Dan Gibson (Milwaukee, USA) as part of a special live NeuroNews webinar titled ‘Early adopters are changing the game in neurointerventional surgery’.   The webinar gave a global audience the chance to learn more about how three centres are utilising new functionalities of the ARTIS icono (Siemens Healthineers) angiography...

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