Incepto partners with Avicenna.AI to improve stroke management in Europe


Incepto, a distributor and co-creator of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions applied to medical imaging, has signed a partnership with Avicenna.AI to enrich its platform with new solutions for neurovascular pathologies like stroke.

All of Avicenna’s AI solutions are CE marked and two are US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared. These solutions are now available via the Incepto platform in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, a company press release details.

The three newly available, AI-based solutions for emergency care of neurovascular pathologies are:

  • CINA-ICH, a triage tool for detecting and prioritising cases with traumatic brain injuries and haemorrhagic stroke on non-enhanced (non-contrast) head computed tomography (CT) images
  • CINA-LVO, an ischaemic stroke triage tool designed to detect large vessel occlusion (LVO) of the anterior circulation on CT angiographies of the head
  • CINA-ASPECTS, a quantitative tool that provides an Alberta stroke programme early CT score (ASPECT) on a non-enhanced head CT scan, indicated for patients with acute ischaemic stroke with known middle cerebral or carotid artery occlusion

All of these solutions constitute the CINA Head suite, and are intended to enable the quick detection and interpretation of images, reducing diagnostic errors while facilitating decision-making for doctors and improving the quality of care for patients.

With a hundred clinics equipped with its AI solutions and more than 100,000 patients monitored every month, Incepto says its mission is twofold: to help doctors identify the most efficient solutions and put them at their service, while also co-creating new applications with them, adapted to their specific needs.


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