Insightec announces approval of Exablate Neuro focused ultrasound platform in Singapore

exablate neuro singapore
Exablate Neuro

Insightec has announced approval of its Exablate Neuro platform by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore. The Exablate Neuro (Exablate 4000) platform uses focused ultrasound to ablate targets deep in the brain.

This unilateral treatment is suitable for patients with essential tremor who are age 22 or older, or tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease patients aged 30 or older, who have not responded to medications.

“The value of focused ultrasound for medical centres treating movement disorders is greatly improved patient care,” said Maurice R Ferré, Insightec CEO and chairman of the board of directors. “Our technology enables patients to go from a life dominated by tremor to the potential for a calm, steady hand.”

There are 81 leading medical centres globally that have established focused ultrasound programmes with Exablate Neuro, according to a company press release. Insightec is working with Transmedic Group, a leading distributor of advanced medical technology in Southeast Asia, to advance adoption of Exablate Neuro in the Singapore market.

“We are excited to bring this transformational technology to medical centres in Singapore,” said Transmedic managing director Teo Kee Meng.  “More importantly, patients will now have the option to choose a treatment that is outpatient and incisionless.”


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