New York COVID-19

New York City in the age of COVID-19: A Neuroendovascular experience

Amid the chaos of the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult, "if not impossible", to care both critically-ill COVID-19 sufferers and non-COVID patients simultaneously,...
Endovascular cooling Ron Solar

Selective endovascular cooling with TwinFlo catheter shows promise for neuroprotection in stroke patients

Ron Solar (ThermopeutiX, San Diego, USA) and colleagues report in EuroIntervention that the TwinFlo catheter (ThermopeutiX), in pigs, was associated with rapid, selective, deep...

Centres of excellence for neuromodulation: A critical proposal

While recognising that excellence derives from experience, Robert M Levy suggests that the neuromodulation community can better protect the field’s “desire to ensure excellence...
Demetrius Lopes

Surface modification: From bench to clinical practice

Demetrius Lopes has been working on the surface modification of stents and flow diverters, given that thromboembolic and antiplatelet-related complications represent the majority of...

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