Axonics announces comprehensive launch of F15 recharge-free SNM system


Axonics today announced the comprehensive launch of the Axonics F15 across the USA. The newly developed, long-lived, fully recharge-free sacral neuromodulation (SNM) system also received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in March.

“The Axonics recharge-free system is a welcome advancement for patients suffering from bladder and bowel dysfunction,” said Taylor Moore (Arkansas Urology, Little Rock, USA). “My initial implants of the new device have gone well, with low amplitudes achieved at the time of implant suggesting longevity in the body of around 20 years.

“Clinical outcomes with the Axonics rechargeable SNM system have exceeded our expectations and we anticipate similar results with the Axonics F15. We are pleased to now offer patients a non-rechargeable option that provides significant longevity in the body, constant current stimulation, and a remote control that is recharge-free and easy for patients to use.”

As per an Axonics press release, the F15 system’s functional life has been validated for over 15 years at typical stimulation parameters, and more than 20 years at lower energy settings, and features SmartMRI technology.


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