VeraSci partners with ActiGraph for wearables clinical trial monitoring Alzheimer’s decline


VeraSci has announced a partnership with ActiGraph, to expand the use of wearables in clinical trials.

According to a company press release, VeraSci’s Innovation Lab will be incorporating ActiGraph’s CentrePoint Insight Watch into a National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded study examining the relationship between real-time measurements of gait and actigraphy collected by industry-grade wearables and established cognitive and functional endpoints that are sensitive to decline early in the Alzheimer’s disease continuum.

According to VeraSci, its preliminary data have indicated a correlation between remotely captured gait and actigraphy measures and established cognition and function measures. These data suggest that wearables can provide meaningful information regarding cognitive health and may ultimately contribute to continuous assessment of cognition and function in clinical trials.

“Wearables present an incredible opportunity to gather data in ways that haven’t been feasible before. We can gather information directly while patients are engaged in their daily lives,” says CEO of VeraSci Rich Keefe (Chapel Hill, USA), adding, “our partnership with ActiGraph advances our commitment to pairing scientific knowledge with cutting-edge technology to improve the tools and measurements available in clinical trials.”

“This partnership between ActiGraph and VeraSci provides an exciting opportunity to better understand the relationship between real-world physical behaviour, function, and cognition,” said Matt Biggs, ActiGraph’s head of business operations (Pensacola, USA). “We believe that these types of collaborations will help to jumpstart the creation of novel digital endpoints for global health communities.”


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