Q’Apel Medical launches Armadillo radial artery access platform

Armadillo radial access system

Q’Apel Medical announced today the launch of the Armadillo radial access system—the latest application of its SelectFlex technology and part of the SelectFlex family of neurovascular access systems. Armadillo addresses the needs of both physicians and patients in a growing trend to move from femoral artery access to radial artery access, according to a Q’Apel press release.

Radial artery access has been the preferred method of access in cardiovascular procedures for decades in light of improved safety profiles and increased comfort for patients, the release continues. As the demand for radial artery access in neurovascular procedures increases, Q’Apel has positioned itself to lead the way, with the Armadillo intended as a radial platform of access catheters specifically designed to address the needs and challenges of radial access.

“More neurointerventionists are converting to TRA [transradial access] due to the safety profile of this type of access and patient satisfaction,” said Pascal M Jabbour, distinguished professor of neurological surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, USA.

“With the launch of Armadillo, we find ourselves at the forefront of technological innovations that can bring a paradigm shift in the neurovascular industry,” said Q’Apel CEO King Nelson. “At Q’Apel, everything comes back to the clinicians we serve. From our earliest beginnings, we have built tools not merely out of curiosity but out of demand. We have seen and heard the shortcomings doctors face with other products out there—and we are exceptionally focused on creating solutions that work.”

“The Armadillo radial platform was designed to do more with less,” added Jeff Krolik, chief technology officer at Q’Apel. “It offers stable access with fewer catheters and a lower profile than a typical 8F tri-axial setup. The key features and benefits of this design can help make a challenging case easier.”

The release also notes that Q’Apel products are already being utilised in more than 185 hospital systems across the USA, and the company is also currently in the process of increasing its manufacturing capacity and acquiring CE certification, which could allow it to expand these products into Europe later in 2021.


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