Oscar 2 selected by PRA for pharmaceutical research trial for Alzheimer’s disease


The SunTech Medical Oscar 2 ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system has been selected by PRA for use in a phase I clinical study. The study will investigate the inhibition of degenerative mechanisms to provide improved neuroprotection for those with Alzheimer’s disease

SunTech Medical and PRA have signed a seven-month lease agreement for 23 Oscar 2 systems to be used in the study, taking place at the PRA research facility in Lenexa, USA, according to a press release.

According to the company, the Oscar 2 system provides reliable measurement and recording of 24-hour blood pressure data. It was the first ambulatory blood pressure monitor to achieve independent validation by both the BHS and ESH protocols for testing the accuracy of ambulatory blood pressure monitors. The patented Orbit blood pressure cuff uses a form-fitting sleeve to prevent slippage while patients carry out daily tasks, leading to more reliable data. AccuWin Pro v3 software provides practical, automated and flexible analysis, interpretation and reporting of 24-hour blood pressure data.