NVQI-QOD and SVIN form new alliance 


The Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS) and NeuroPoint Alliance (NPA) have announced an alliance between the Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology (SVIN) and the NeuroVascular Quality Initiative-Quality Outcomes Database (NVQI-QOD). 

NVQI-QOD is governed by the SNIS Patient Safety Organization (SNIS PSO), which takes direction from a Governing Council composed of representatives from all three organisations. NVQI-QOD is uniquely focused on neurovascular care providing real-time actionable data, comparable metrics and data on device effectiveness. Supported on the M2S PATHWAYS platform, this web-based registry integrates into a variety of workflows, providing stakeholders with a secure and robust registry solution.

“We are very excited to collaborate with SNIS and NPA,” said SVIN president David S Liebeskind, Los Angeles, USA. “Bringing together all three organisations is an incredible opportunity to impact patient care and work to solidify NVQI-QOD as the global neurovascular registry.”

“This addition of SVIN will facilitate the support and participation of nearly all neurointerventional providers for the NVQI-QOD registry which harbours the most advanced quality metrics and electronic databases in our field, providing the sample size and statistical power of potentially hundreds of institutions,” said SNIS PSO medical director Sameer A Ansari, Evanston, USA.


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