First-in-man series of the DAISe clot management system intiated


MIVI Neuroscience has announced that it has successfully achieved first-in-man usage of the DAISe Clot Management System for next generation treatment of ischaemic stroke.

The proprietary DAISe Clot Management System is uniquely designed to remove clot as well as filter / capture clot emboli that fracture during removal.  DAISe features a three-dimensional meshwork of hundreds of polymeric fibers to capture debris as small as 40 um while allowing blood flow to be maintained through the device.

The DAISe Clot Management System’s first-in-man usage occurred in South America.  MIVI plans to pursue additional clinical trials based on the encouraging outcomes of this series, as well as previous in vivo and animal studies.

“We are very excited about this first-in-human usage of the DAISe Clot Management System.  This is obviously a major milestone for our company,” said Jim McCollum, MIVI’s CEO.  “We believe the DAISe – as well as our entire suite of devices – offers unique features and benefits not realized today in ischaemic stroke treatment.  We look forward to developing the DAISe device and ultimately delivering it to the worldwide neurovascular community to help improve patient outcomes, and more specifically, not just achieving short term patency by removing clot, but ultimately improving a stroke patient’s functional outcomes by managing or even eliminating distal embolic fragments.”


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