Health Canada greenlights IMRIS ceiling-mounted intraoperative CT solution


IMRIS Inc has announced that VISIUS iCT, the first and only ceiling-mounted intraoperative computed tomography scanner, has received Health Canada licensing allowing for sales and marketing in the country.

“This completes our roll-out of VISIUS iCT for North America and another step in our overall global distribution,” says IMRIS president and chief executive officer Jay D Miller. “As procedures become more minimally invasive, the need for better visualisation with advanced imaging increases. VISIUS iCT places the highest quality CT imaging inside the operating room. This scanner delivers more flexibility for both bone and soft tissue scanning compared to other intraoperative CT scanners on the market.”

According to the company, VISIUS iCT provides personalised dose management together with diagnostic quality imaging during the surgical procedure to assist surgeons in critical decision making. Developed for the neurosurgery and spine surgery markets, VISIUS iCT has the 64-slice Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS scanner as its core technology—making it the highest quality computed tomography imagery in an operating room. Unlike other mobile intraoperative CT systems on the market, the VISIUS iCT can support complex brain tumour resection and neurovascular procedures.

“Both neurosurgeons and spine surgeons will find this unique solution helpful in supporting the full spectrum of intracranial, spinal and neurovascular procedures,” Miller adds.

The scanner effortlessly moves into and out of the operating room during surgery using ceiling-mounted rails to ease workflow. This enables multiple room configurations to meet both clinical requirements and increase utilisation without compromising image quality or exam speed. Patient transport and the need for floor-mounted rails used in other systems is eliminated which opens up valuable operating room space and allows unimpeded movement of surgical equipment and simplified infection control.

In addition, VISIUS iCT features a suite of software applications such as 3D volume rendering to aid in surgical planning and dose reduction which considers each patient’s unique characteristics to maximise image quality and minimise dose. The system software allows healthcare practitioners to visualise dosage prior to scan and adjust settings based on the specific clinical need with detailed dosage reports produced after each scan.