Constant Therapy launches iPad solution for people with traumatic brain injury, stroke, aphasia and learning disabilities


Constant Therapy has officially launched its innovative iPad rehabilitation solution with special pricing and trial offers.

Designed to be used independently by anyone seeking to improve brain function or in conjunction with a clinician as an integral part of therapy, this new mobile solution integrates ground-breaking research on brain plasticity and rehabilitation from Boston University (USA) and other leading institutions. It also incorporates years of research and a self-learning algorithm leveraging a comprehensive brain performance database for the brain-impaired population. Currently offered as an iPad solution, it is now in use across the USA with thousands of patients and clinicians at prominent, nationally recognised healthcare institutions, including Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, The Stroke Comeback Center and Moss Rehab Aphasia Center.

According to Veera Anantha, co-founder and chief executive officer, “Constant Therapy is vastly different from many of the brain improvement and rehabilitation apps available today. Instead of simply replicating standard brain exercises and flashcards, the application’s NeuroPerformance Engine creates a highly customised and detailed map of each user’s strengths and deficits across 50 different categories. The solution then delivers the optimum combination of exercises that are uniquely tailored to each user’s deficit profile. Furthermore, as people use the system, it continuously measures their performance and encourages constant user progress with fresh and engaging content.”

While it has been a long held opinion that brain injury and stroke survivors reach a progress plateau after limited therapy, recent research has proven this wrong (“Time to rethink long-term rehabilitation management of stroke patients,” 2012; “Therapeutic interventions for aphasia initiated more than six months post stroke: a review of the evidence,” 2012 ). In fact, brain injury and stroke survivors can continue to improve if they have access to effective brain rehabilitation. Unfortunately, many stroke and brain injury survivors stop progressing simply because they are no longer able to obtain therapy that would keep them progressing. Constant Therapy changes all this by making it possible for millions of stroke and brain injury survivors to continue to improve, take control of their rehabilitation and change their lives.

According to a company release, clinicians and patients already using Constant Therapy have described the life changing effects it has had on patients’ lives. Therapists are able to monitor their clients’ progress even when patients are using the app at home; some have also used it for tele-therapy. Patients have found that Constant Therapy allows them to obtain more therapy beyond their traditional clinical sessions, and have observed continued progress even when their therapy visits “have run out.”

“Brain injury and stroke survivors can continue to make long-term progress in regaining speech, language, and cognitive skills if they have access to directed therapies,” says Darlene Williamson, executive director of the Stroke Comeback Center and president of the National Aphasia Association. “This is why Constant Therapy is such an important solution – it helps those who no longer have access to conventional therapy to make progress well after traditional therapy has ended.”