Boston Scientific launches Vercise Genus DBS on European Market


Boston Scientific has announced that its Vercise Genus deep brain stimulation (DBS) device has received a CE Mark. This is a fourth generation device and has now been launched for a limited release onto the European Market.

The Vercise Genus DBS has been marked to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (Pd), essential tremor, and dystonia. It does this by delivering electrical stimulation to specific sections of the brain providing a certain level of symptom relief.

This is the fourth generation of this DBS system since 2012, and includes the Cartesia Direction Lead and integrated visualization. Features for patients, include a low-profile two-in-one extension with the option of abdominal placement. Additionally, new clinician software optimises programming with integrated visualization using patient imagine through Boston Scientific’s relationship with Brainlab.

Veerle Visser-Vandewalle, Cologne University Hospital, Germany, commented, “With neurodegenerative movement disorders, the ability to deliver the right dose of stimulation where it is needed can make a remarkable difference in controlling an individual patient’s symptoms.”

In Europe, the Vercise Genus DBS System is indicated for use in unilateral or bilateral stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus or internal globus pallidus for treatment of levodopa-responsive Pd  and essential tremor which is not being well controlled with medication and for treatment of intractable primary Dystonia, for persons seven years of age and older.

While this device has received a CE Mark in Europe, it is not yet available for sale or use in the USA.


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