Asahi Intecc launches new neurovascular guidewire in Japan


Ashai Intecc has announced the introduction and launch of an innovative neurovascular guidewire, Asahi Chikai black 18, in Japan. The company states that it plans to begin distributing the neurovascular guidewire in December. 

Asahi Chikai black 18 is designed to deliver microcatheters for stent-assist procedures, flow diverter, stroke devices and other devices that require large inner-lumen diameter catheters.

Unlike existing neurovascular guidewires and according to the company, the Asahi Chikai black 18 has a reverse tapered shaft and its unique design enhances support and trackability of the microcatheter during delivery.  The Asahi Chikai black 18 reduces the gap between microcatheter and wire due to its tight clearance between microcatheter inner-lumen diameter and guidewire diameter. Despite increasing the guidewire diameter Asahi Chikai black 18 has the flexibility and tip softness required for neuro-endovascular procedures. 

Toshio Hyogo, Asahi Intecc director, R&D Clinical Applications Neurovascular Products states, “The key points of ASAHI CHIKAI black 18 are large diameter with the safety for neuro-endovascular procedures and tactile feedback to the physicians during the procedure. Flexibility and support are well balanced and the unique reverse-taper design achieves softness that is one of the requirements for neurovascular guidewire.”

According to Asahi, it began selling neurovascular guidewire in Japan from 2010 and it has more than 50% market share presently.