Asahi Intecc announces US and European launch of Asahi Chikai and Asahi Chikai10 neurovascular guidewires


Asahi Intecc has announced the launch of Asahi Chikai and Asahi Chikai10 neurovascular guidewires in the USA and Europe and will begin promotion at the Live Interventional Neuroradiology Conference (LINC, Houston, USA, 11–13 December).

The company announced that Asahi Intecc USA and Asahi Intecc Europe will sell the guidewires with a direct sales team in the USA and local distributors in Europe.

Asahi Chikai and Asahi Chikai10 were developed as workhorse guidewires to treat intracranial aneurysms, cerebral arteriovenous fistulas and cerebral arteriovenous malformations and provide the torque response, tip flexibility and device deliverability required for these treatments.

Asahi Chiaki and Asahi Chikai10 were launched in Japan in January 2010. The company states that the products have been “well accepted by Japanese physicians and achieved more than 40% market share as of June 2012.”

Nobuyuki Sakai, director, Neurosurgery and Stroke Center at Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital in Japan said: “Asahi Chikai guidewire’s precise torque provides exceptional control never before seen in neurointerventional procedures.”

“We designed the Asahi Chikai guidewire to have optimal performance characteristics for neuro interventional procedures with a balance between distal flexibility, precise torqueability and support for microcatheter delivery. We are very proud of the performance achieved by leveraging Asahi’s unique technologies of torque transmission and shape retention,” said Toshio Hyogo, director, R&D Clinical Applications, Neuro Products, Asahi Intecc.