Adept launches Adducted Arm Scoop product for use during image-guided procedures

Adducted Arm Scoop

Adept Medical has launched the Adducted Arm Scoop—an improved solution for supporting the adducted arms of supine patients during image-guided procedures.

Adept’s new, “extremely durable” Adducted Arm Scoops are purpose-designed, providing security and comfort on narrow imaging tables, as per a press release.

Moulded with gentle, curved edging to reduce the likelihood of pressure injury and improve handling, the ergonomic design allows patients to comfortably rest their arms at their side with assurance. The ideal height, extending just above the arm, allows access and ease of cable and line management during procedures, Adept also claims.

“After 10 years developing solutions for interventional cardiology/radiology teams, listening to their needs, and observing how they care for their patients, it became obvious that existing arm supports could be improved immensely,” said Mike Oxborough, lead product designer at Adept. “Typically made from folded plastic sheet, they appeared to have very little thought put into design and were almost an afterthought, which is strange given they are an essential component for achieving patient comfort and safety on narrow imaging tables.

“Common complaints from nurses and MRTs [medical response teams] were that the arm boards would crack or break too easily, were expensive to replace, or were simply too flexible to support the heavy arms of larger patients. Improving durability was key, so selecting a material with superior chemical resistance was critical to prevent stress-cracks resulting from exposure to disinfectants used between patients.

“We wanted to create a product that would be more rigid, more durable, would look and feel like it had been designed for the job, and could be purchased for the same price or less than existing boards. With the Adept Medical Adducted Arm Scoop, we have achieved that.”

The Adducted Arm Scoops are quick and easy to install, according to the release. They simply slide under the mattress and are secured by the patient’s weight. Designed for use with existing lab and imaging equipment, they are compatible with any magnetic resonance (MR), computed tomography (CT) or C-Arm imaging tables.


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