Windpact launches Crash Cloud helmet technology


Windpact logoWindpact has launched the Crash Cloud system, with the aim of reducing rates of concussion. The Crash Cloud system is made up of three elements: Wind Springs, Impact Vents and Refresh Vents.

“These features combine to produce self-recovering airbags that instantly absorb and disperse the impact of a hit,” says Maurice Kelly, Windpact’s chief innovation officer.

“The Power of the Windpact system ultimately comes from the air dispersion in our Crash Cloud technology,” says chief operations officer, Max Moyer.

Windpact doesn’t manufacture helmets, but rather wants to be the “Intel Inside” for helmet safety, according to a press release. It aims to license its patented Crash Cloud system to sport and recreation helmet manufacturers around the world.

Former US All-Pro National Football League (NFL) cornerback, Shawn Springs, is the chief executive officer and founder of Windpact. Windpact’s patented “Crash Cloud” technology was born out of a desire to minimise sports-related concussive head trauma.

According to the release, Shawn was inspired to launch the company after observing the performance of his children’s car seat after a serious accident involving him and his sons.  The car was totalled, but the children walked away with only scratches. This accident was a major turning point for Shawn and became the catalyst for the launch of Windpact. According to the release, Shawn thought if a car seat can save the lives of his children in a severe car wreck, than perhaps that same technology could be adapted to football and other contact sports helmets to help prevent traumatic brain injury like concussion and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Shawn, who is the son of former Dallas Cowboy running back Ron Springs, says, “Windpact is my way of giving back to the game I love by improving the safety for the players who play now and those who will play in the future.”