Stryker Neurovascular launches Neuroform Atlas Stent System in Europe


Stryker Neurovascular has announced that it has received the CE mark for the Neuroform Atlas Stent System. The Neuroform Atlas Stent is a new 4th-generation adjunctive stent, pushing forward the adjunctive stent landscape which previously included woven, closed-cell, and open-celled stents. According to Stryker Neurovascular, the Neuroform Atlas Stent features an innovative adaptive cell architecture that is designed to optimise conformability and stability when treating wide-neck intracranial aneurysms. Physicians can deliver all sizes of the Neuroform Atlas Stent, from 3.0mm up to 4.5mm in diameter, through a low-profile Excelsior SL-10 microcatheter.

Professor Ansgar Berlis, from the Zentralklinikum Augsburg, Germany, was one of the first neuro-interventionalists in the world to use this new stent technology. “The Neuroform Atlas Stent allows me to smoothly track all sizes of the stent through a low-profile SL-10 microcatheter. Being able to use the same 10-size microcatheter to deliver coils and the stent makes the access easier and shortens the procedure time, and thus reduces the risk of complications. This stent is available without a distal delivery wire tip, which facilitates stent delivery. The cell structure can be easily recrossed, which allowed me to deploy the Neuroform Atlas Stent in a y-configuration. In my experience, the Neuroform Atlas Stent provides very good vessel wall apposition and stability in both curved and tapered vessels. These improvements have made Neuroform Atlas a great addition to my practice,” said Professor Berlis.

Joost de Vries from Radboudumc, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, experienced that “The Neuroform Atlas Stent is easy to deliver and that stent and microcatheter are very stable during deployment. The Atlas Stent displays a consistent and reliable opening without kinking of the stent at sharp bends of the parent artery resulting in good wall apposition”.

The company says that the Neuroform Atlas Stent is designed for optimised vessel wall conformability and coil scaffolding to help treat complex intracranial aneurysms, and the adaptive cell structure enhances stent opening and apposition to allow for accurate placement while maintaining the recrossability.

Stryker Neurovascular will present and launch the Neuroform Atlas Stent at the 7th ESMINT Congress (10–12 September, Nice, France).