RapidAI receives FDA clearance of Rapid LVO for identification of suspected large vessel occlusions


rapidAI Rapid LVO FDA approvalRapidAI has announced that Rapid LVO has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for detecting suspected large vessel occlusions (LVOs).

Rapid LVO helps physicians speed up triage or transfer decision-making. The company state that the technology can work in as few as three minutes, with Rapid LVO using a vessel tracker in conjunction with assessment of brain regions with reduced blood vessel density to identify suspected LVOs with a sensitivity of 97% and a specificity of 96%. Stroke team members are also immediately notified when a suspected LVO is detected.

“LVOs are the most disabling and deadly ischaemic strokes,” said Greg Albers, professor of neurology at Stanford University, director of the Stanford Stroke Center and cofounder of RapidAI. “The ability to identify LVOs rapidly facilitates more effective treatment. This is why we are very excited about the FDA clearance of Rapid LVO, a significant step forward in stroke diagnostics and care.”

A company press release states that Rapid is the only clinically validated platform available and considered by many to be the gold standard for advanced cerebrovascular imaging.


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