Perfuze announces CE mark and treats first patients with Millipede 088 catheter

perfuze millipede 088
Perfuze Millipede 088

Neurovascular medical device company Perfuze has announced that the first five acute ischaemic stroke patients have been treated with its Millipede 088 clot aspiration catheter—having received CE mark approval for the device in February 2021.

“Our initial experience with the device has been very positive,” said interventional neuroradiologist John Thornton (Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland), who performed the first case. “I believe the large bore and distal flow control capability offers unique safety and efficacy advantages over existing devices.”

The Millipede 088 is a clot aspiration catheter that has a 0.088-inch inner diameter. This feature, according to Perfuze, provides two unique advantages: a distal tip surface area increase of up to 50% compared to existing devices, providing an equivalent increase in aspiration power, and distal flow control that may prevent distal emboli.

“I am extremely pleased with the device,” added interventional neuroradiologist Matt Crockett (Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland). “In the thrombectomy case that I performed, the Millipede 088 was used as primary therapy for the patient. It ingested a large occlusive M1 clot in a single pass, resulting in a mTICI 3 reperfusion [complete vessel re-opening] in less than 15 minutes.”

“Our super bore aspiration technology has the potential to increase the rate of first pass TICI 3 thrombectomies while saving time—both of which may translate into better clinical outcomes for stroke patients,” said Perfuze CEO Wayne Allen.


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