NICO announces new distributor for neurosurgery markets in Australia and New Zealand


NICO Corporation recently announced that it has partnered with Imedcare, an Australia-based supplier and distributor of devices, as its distributor for the neurosurgery markets in the medical sectors of Australia and New Zealand.

“We look forward to expanding access to NICO’s innovative technologies in this region through our exclusive distribution partnership with Imedcare,” said Steve Ball, general manager for international markets and US western region sales director at NICO.

“Their team has several years of experience in neurosurgery, which will further strengthen our product awareness and adoption in Australia and New Zealand and, more importantly, offer surgeons the opportunity to positively affect patient outcomes.”

NICO currently holds more than 250 issued or pending patents, with 60 focusing solely on safe and repeatable non-disruptive access through eloquent areas of the brain with NICO BrainPath, efficient removal of tumours and clots down a small corridor using the NICO Myriad, and collection and biological preservation of tumour tissue in the operating room with the Automated Preservation System, according to a company press release.


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