NeuroOne successfully completes feasibility study of Evo ablation electrode


Evo ablation electrodeNeuroOne Medical Technologies has announced the successful completion of an animal feasibility study of its combination recording and ablation technology at T3 Labs and Georgia State/Georgia Tech Center for Advanced Brain Imaging in Atlanta, USA under the guidance of Robert Gross (Emory University, Atlanta, USA).

The study evaluated the ability of the NeuroOne Evo stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) electrodes to record brain activity and then ablate brain tissue using radiofrequency thermocoagulation in a porcine model.

The Evo ablation electrode represents the company’s first development effort for therapeutic technology and is expected to be the next product offering in its portfolio, pending US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance. The product is designed to provide the ability to both identify problematic areas of the brain causing seizures and ablate brain tissue to alleviate these symptoms.

This would represent a major advancement in neurosurgery, a NeuroOne press release states, given that patients must first undergo the diagnostic surgery and then schedule a future second surgery to ablate the problematic tissue.

Gross said: “This pilot study will provide important data to inform the development of this technological solution that has the potential to improve treatment efficacy and patient comfort.”

NeuroOne CEO Dave Rosa added: “We are encouraged and excited by the results of this animal feasibility study. This technology offers the potential to perform two separate procedures using the same device during one hospital stay—which we believe is a safer and more cost-effective approach for the patient, healthcare provider and healthcare facility. Today, a patient often needs to have two separate hospitalisations for two separate surgeries, typically with months between both procedures. Coupled with our recent partnership with RBC Medical to develop the radiofrequency hardware, we are excited about the potential to offer a complete system for our customers.”


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