IRRAS expands IRRAflow device to Latin America


IRRAS AB has announced it has reached an exclusive distribution agreement for their IRRAflow device, with Anade SA, a well-established distributor of leading neurosurgical medical devices and technologies through Latin America, according to a press release by IRRAS. 

In its press release IRRAS stated that IRRAflow is the company’s initial commercial product. IRRAS claims it is a transformative medical device system that combines controlled irrigation with ongoing fluid drainage to better manage patients with intracranial bleedings.  The company asserts the system’s automated use of irrigation addresses challenges associated with traditional passive fluid drainage, such as catheter blockages and infection. Additionally, according to IRRAS, IRRAflow’s irrigating fluid helps to dilute toxic material, such as blood or bacteria, that is collected within the intracranial space and make it easier to remove.

Coenraad Tamse, Vice President of International Sales for IRRAS commented, “We are pleased to partner with Anade SA to expand the commercial availability of our IRRAflow product line to physicians and patients throughout multiple markets in Latin America,”he continued. “Currently, IRRAflow has received regulatory clearance in Costa Rica and Argentina, and regulatory clearance is being pursued in 5 additional markets. This partnership allows us to accelerate commercial launches in these markets with the capable sales professionals of Anade and its sub-distribution partners identifying and training customers in each of these new markets.”

Miguel Ferro, Vice President of Anade SA, added, “We are excited to bring an exciting product, such as IRRAflow, to these initial markets in Latin America. IRRAflow clearly complements our existing neurosurgery portfolio by providing a next generation solution for the treatment of intracranial bleeding, and our team is actively working with leading physicians to plan an effective product launch.”


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