IRRAS announces commercial US partnership with Medtronic for IRRAflow system


IRRAS recently announced it has signed a sales agency agreement to promote its IRRAflow system in the USA with Medtronic.

During the initial pilot phase of this agreement, Medtronic will have the exclusive right to promote IRRAflow in a select number of its territories in the USA, and the IRRAS neurocritical education team will closely support Medtronic’s sales professionals to train new customers, fulfil customer orders and support patient treatments within these designated territories, a company press release details.

In areas of the USA that are not governed by this sales agency agreement, IRRAS’ team of sales professionals will continue to directly promote IRRAflow to stroke centre customers.

“Medtronic is a company that is unsurpassed in its focus on therapies that extend life, restore health and improve patient outcomes,” said Will Martin, president and CEO of IRRAS. “As the largest medical device company in the world, Medtronic is the ideal partner to accelerate the commercial launch of our IRRAflow system in the world’s largest market. This partnership will build broader awareness of IRRAS’ cutting-edge technology and will ensure that more patients with intracranial bleeding can receive the latest available advances in treatment.”

At the current time, IRRAS’ previously stated financial targets remain unchanged, the release also notes. As its partnership with Medtronic matures, IRRAS will assess the impact of the shift in its sales strategy on these targets and will provide “all needed updates in a timely fashion”.


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