First robotic-assisted intracranial implant of Cerus Endovascular contour intrasaccular device


Cerus Endovascular has announced in a press release the first-ever robotic-assisted intracranial implant of its Contour intrasaccular device. 

The procedure was completed by Nitin Dange (King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India) and was performed on a middle cerebral aneurysm with a 7mm Contour device. Procedural time, including access and placement of the Contour, took a total of 28 minutes.

Dange commented: “The device proves the test of the time with advanced technology matching the ease of deployment and synchronising very well with the robotic system with precision. The device looks very promising for the cure of intracranial bifurcation aneurysms in the long term.”

Stephen Griffin (Cerus Endovascular, Fremont, USA) stated: “Given the significant advances made in robotic assisted surgical technologies in recent years and the many advantages they bring to interventional medicine, this successful robotic assist implant represents a significant milestone in our company’s history and should serve to expand awareness for, and use of, the Contour device.

“We recognise that not all neurovascular interventions can be displaced by robotic surgery due to the complexity of vascular and aneurysm anatomies, however this accomplishment does demonstrate promise for procedures to be performed like this in the future. The Contour device is positioned as an easy to use ‘one and done’ solution, which we believe makes this a very realistic application for robotic surgery, as Nitin Dange has clearly demonstrated.”

The robotic system used in this procedure was the Xcath microsurgical robotic device.


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