First pass effect…always the goal!


Ischaemic stroke is as quick as it is destructive; minutes, even seconds can be the difference between patients returning to a healthy life or a hindered one. The pressure is on physicians to act not only quickly but effectively. Every second and every action counts. Findings from the ARISE II and Karolinska University Hospital studies demonstrate how lives are restored through successful reperfusion in the first pass in a real-world setting. Should we now be looking to consistent successful reperfusion in the first pass as the future of stroke care?

In this supplement:

  • How understanding clot science impacts successful reperfusion in the first pass—ARISE II
  • The effect of successful reperfusion in the first pass, a real-world setting: Karolinska
    University Hospital
  • Trapping clot with EMBOTRAP® device—our experience
  • Novel distal emboli protection technology: The EMBOTRAP® II
  • Is ease of deliverability key to revascularisation?


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