The Brainstorms Scientific set to host Europe’s first transdisciplinary neuroscience festival


Brainstorms festivalThe Brainstorms Scientific are launching the Brainstorms Festival, a two-day business and human-orientated technology event set to take place in Vienna, Austria, on 27–28 September. The festival features several keynote talks and panel discussions addressing how understanding the human brain and behaviour can help us do better business, how learning algorithms will transform medical diagnosis and treatment in the next five years, and what technologies are available to enhance our human biology.

According to the founders of the Brainstorms Scientific, the new era of innovation that encompasses the combination of neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI) is set to reshape industries such as healthcare, business and communication. While it may be an “exciting future”, it poses “new ethical and workflow challenges”. Thus, in order to develop and deploy such provocative technologies, a large number of different expertise as well as an interdisciplinary view of the field is a necessity.

Aniko V Fejes, co-founder of The Brainstorms Scientific, comments, “Stakeholders, from scientists to investors, speak very different languages, and the information is often lost in translation,” and adds: “Our aim is to facilitate their dialogue by bringing the key players together, and helping them understand each other better through engaging talks and hands-on workshops, bridging the gap between business, academia and industry.”


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