Basking Biosciences to present trial data on novel reversible thrombolytic agent at ISC 2023


Basking Biosciences has announced that it will be presenting three oral presentations and two moderated posters concerning the company’s novel drug candidate—a reversible thrombolytic agent for ischaemic stroke—at the 2023 International Stroke Conference (ISC; 8–10 February, Dallas, USA).

“Current drug treatments for acute ischaemic stroke have been restricted by a narrow therapeutic window and high risk of bleeding,” said Richard Shea, CEO of Basking Biosciences. “Endovascular thrombectomy has proven efficacious but remains limited due to clot location, patient access to technology and expertise.

“BB-031 is a novel RNA [ribonucleic acid] aptamer targeting von Willebrand factor—a key component and driver of blood clot formation, propagation and stabilisation. It is a rapid-onset, short-acting thrombolytic agent that is capable of recanalising blocked blood vessels within a greatly extended therapeutic window than current therapy.”

As per a Basking Biosciences press release, oral presentations set for ISC 2023 include:

  • Wednesday 8 February, “Targeting von Willebrand Factor in Acute Ischemic Stroke”. Presenter: Shahid Nimjee, co-founder and chief medical officer, Basking Biosciences
  • Thursday 9 February, “Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Phase 1 Study of vWF-binding Aptamer, BB-031: Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Activity in Healthy Volunteers”. Presenter: Shahid Nimjee

In addition, poster session abstracts include:

  • Thursday 9 February, “A Novel Microfluidic Model of Ischemic Stroke Recapitulating Arterial Occlusion and Prolonged Retraction”. Abstract #4116. Presenter: Susan M Shea (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Wednesday 8 February, “Aptamer Inhibitor of von Willebrand Factor Induces Thrombolysis and Improves Vascular Patency Upon Immediate and Delayed Treatment of Stroke in an In Vitro Microfluidic Model.” Abstract #4958. Presenter: Susan M Shea


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