FDA approval of Axonics’ enhanced neurostimulator programmer


neurostimulator programmer axonicsAxonics announces US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of an enhanced, second-generation programmer for its r-SNM system under a premarket approval (PMA) application supplement.

The new programmer is used to program the Axonics external trial neurostimulator as well as the implantable neurostimulator in both the procedure and post-operative environments.

The programmer is a custom-made tablet with a colour touchscreen and an easy-to-use graphical interface and expands on its user-friendly capabilities by streamlining and simplifying the patient programming process.

The Programmer offers, among other things:

  • A predictive programming algorithm that translates intra-operative responses and suggests how to program the patient for optimum therapy thereby reducing the need to adjust therapy post-implant
  • A fully wireless system that reduces time during surgery and simplifies post-implant device programming
  • Tools that facilitate lead placement and programming
  • Exportable reports on SNM therapy performance and device usage for both temporary external trials and permanent implants

Raymond W Cohen, CEO of Axonics, commented in the company’s press release, “These innovations will further enable clinicians using the Axonics r-SNM System to identify optimal lead placement during the implant procedure and personalize therapy for each patient. FDA approval of the second-generation programmer is part of an anticipated cadence of product enhancements in our robust product pipeline.”

The rechargeable, full-body MRI-compatible Axonics r-SNM System has obtained US FDA approval, European CE Mark approval, Health Canada approval, and Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration approval for the treatment of overactive bladder, urinary retention and faecal incontinence. Axonics launched commercially in the USA following FDA approval in late 2019.


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