Vesalio reports expansion of commercial distribution and additional published data on the NeVa system

NeVa revascularisation device

Vesalio has executed multiple exclusive distribution agreements in Europe and now has market coverage in 25 countries for the NeVa Neurothrombectomy System, it has announced in a press release.

According to the press release ‘all channel partners have been trained on the unique features of the NeVa platform and technique that is optimised for capturing all clot types in the first pass. With a successful controlled launch in the EU, Vesalio is now rapidly expanding the distribution network internationally as it moves towards full commercialisation.’

“Vesalio is very pleased to have attracted a strong group of sales partners that are motivated to promote a technology that is truly different than existing mechanical thrombectomy devices on the market,” remarked Steve Rybka, Vesalio’s CEO. “The Drop Zone technology, effectively integrated clot pockets, allows NeVa to secure clots within the device. The design of NeVa is effective in capturing all clot types and is proving extremely beneficial in capturing organised or hard clot types.”

It has also announce that in a recently published pre-clinical study in The Journal of Neuroradiology, “Experimental Evaluation of the NeVa Thrombectomy Device a Novel Stent Retriever Conceived to Improve Efficacy of Organized Clot Removal,” NeVa showed a high rate of optimal clot integration and effective clot removal. Specifically, in the challenging large organised clot, NeVa was effective in 60% of the attempts compared to ten of the current market leading stent retrievers that all failed to remove this clot type in the model.


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