Steris and Neurologica to collaborate in imaging for neurosurgical procedures


Steris and NeuroLogica have announced a collaborative relationship to offer fully integrated, intraoperative surgical suites to healthcare systems. The goal of these joint efforts is to help healthcare providers expand their procedural capabilities, through improved workflow and cost-effective approaches for neurosurgical therapies.

“The integration of NeuroLogica and Steris technologies will enable surgeons and physicians to diagnose, plan and execute complex 3D image-guided procedures like never before,” said Eric Bailey, CEO of NeuroLogica. “By combining NeuroLogica’s portable imaging solutions and Steris’s distinctive perioperative expertise and technologies, we will be helping our customers and their patients gain surgical options and benefits.”

These highly integrated surgical suites will include the technologies of both medical device leaders. NeuroLogica will provide BodyTom, a 32-slice, portable CT scanner. BodyTom is used in neurosurgical, orthopaedic and interventional procedures that benefit from real-time surgical image guidance, such as decompression lumbar laminectomy, microdiscectomy, embolization of spinal malformations or tumours, vertebroplasty, and kyphoplasty. NeuroLogica also manufactures CereTom, the first small bore, portable CT scanner designed for the head and neck, which can easily be integrated into these joint OR solutions.

Steris will deliver custom-designed high-definition integrated surgical suites featuring: LED surgical lighting and visualisation systems; Harmony iQ advanced integration technology; OR equipment management systems; and surgical imaging tables. In addition, Steris’s room planning services, including its three-dimensional Room Builder software and project design management expertise, will allow the two companies to design and seamlessly integrate their technologies for their clinical partners.

“The role of imaging in the surgical theater is to satisfy advanced care directives focused on improving outcomes and efficiency,” said Robert Popilock, senior manager of marketing and strategy for Steris. “The Steris-NeuroLogica relationship offers healthcare providers the ability to meet these directives while enhancing their operational flexibility and affordability. This adds significant value to the equation.”