Southend University Hospital utilises 3D Systems’ simulator for life-saving team training in acute stroke


Southend University Hospital has established an innovative interventional stroke service using 3D Systems’ ANGIO Mentor Suite simulator at Anglia Ruskin University for efficient and realistic team training for endovascular stroke treatment.

According to the American Heart Association Annual Statistical Update based on data compiled from over 190 countries, stroke remains the number two cause of death in the world. In the USA, stroke is the number four cause of death, killing nearly 129,000 people a year.

Recent clinical studies have demonstrated for the first time that endovascular treatment can improve stroke patient outcome. Currently, only 1% of ischaemic stroke patients receive this costly but potentially life-saving treatment but, based on the positive outcome of these studies, this number is expected to increase to 10%.

Southend University Hospital found that running dedicated training courses in a true-to-life cath lab environment using a virtual reality simulator, enhanced understanding of high-risk stroke procedures, strengthened collaboration and increased communication skills across the various clinical teams involved in this complex procedure.

Iris Grunwald, diagnostic and interventional neuroradiologist at Southend University Hospital and director neuroscience and vascular simulation at Anglia Ruskin University said, “In order to provide timely regional coverage for endovascular stroke treatment, more hospitals and physicians will need to provide endovascular stroke services. To practice this high risk procedure, I believe procedural training on a virtual reality simulator such as the ANGIO Mentor Suite should be mandatory to provide an environment that is as close as possible to the actual setting when treating a patient.”

3DS will exhibit its full range of advanced healthcare training solutions including a selection of virtual reality simulators and 3D printed models at the upcoming SESAM conference (24–26 June, Belfast, UK).