NovaSignal launches the NovaGuide 2 


NovaSignal has announced the launch of the NovaGuide 2 platform, which provides clinical teams with real-time information about cerebral blood flow to guide diagnosis and improve patient outcomes. 

According to a company press release, NovaGuide 2 is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing clinical practice, including intelligent ultrasound which autonomously captures blood flow data to identify brain illnesses and disease.

Using NovaSignal’s FDA-cleared, CE-marked, robotic ultrasound technology, the NovaGuide 2 intelligent ultrasound is a unified, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven cerebral ultrasound solution that provides clinical teams with vital evidence to guide patient diagnosis and treatment, reports NovaSignal. 

“The automated NovaGuide broadens our capabilities to treat ruptured aneurysm patients by giving us the ability to monitor for vasospasm any time of the day or night,” said Chirag Gandhi, director of Neurosurgery at Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, USA. “The technology also eliminates inter-operator variability in ultrasound assessments and ensures that any change such as emboli or reduced blood flow are monitored, allowing me to stay updated on patient status.”

“Technology, data, and AI are transforming the way care is administered, resulting in improved patient outcomes. Cerebral blood flow data collected through our AI-driven, robotic ultrasound system is of tremendous value to clinical teams as they strive to reduce time to treatment,” said NovaSignal chairman and CEO, Diane Bryant. “Our technology allows them to easily and rapidly identify the existence of stroke-causing events by providing a direct view into the brain. The mission of NovaSignal is to unlock the power of blood flow data.”


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