Neuro Resource Group’s hospital presence continues to expand


Neuro Resource Group continues to expand the utilisation of its new InterX 900 ISSDE Pain Management System for post-surgical pain management in hospitals and surgery centres.

The InterX System, which consists of the InterX 900 Driver and InterX Sterile Self-Adhesive Dual Electrode, (ISSDE,) provides non-drug, non-invasive neurostimulation pain relief. Scientific research has shown that InterX produces a significantly greater physiological response than a standard neurostimulation device. The unique product design and waveform of InterX allows more focused, higher amplitude stimulation thus providing a reliable and consistent pain management solution for a broad range of patient conditions.

“Utilisation of the InterX 900 ISSDE System in our initial hospital use continues to clinically validate the effectiveness of the technology and its ability to reduce the need of narcotic drugs for pain control following surgery. Hospitals using the system have reported that patients are experiencing improved pain management and reduced rehabilitation times, thus enabling an earlier release from the hospital,” states Dave Turner, NRG’s chief executive officer.