NeuraLace announces two new patents for Axon neuropathic pain therapies


NeuraLace Medical has announced the expansion of its global patent portfolio with the issuance of two new patents: US Patent No. 11,305,130 for “Devices, systems, and methods for non-invasive chronic pain therapy” (issued 19 April 2022) and US Patent No. 11,273,317 for “Portable transcutaneous magnetic stimulator and systems and methods of use thereof” (issued 15 March 2022).

The new patents include system and method claims for treating peripheral nerve pain using low-frequency transcutaneous magnetic stimulation, including advanced applications in wearable pain therapy technology, as per a NeuraLace press release.

The patents, which last until 2039 and 2033, respectively, are part of a global patent portfolio protecting the company’s non-invasive, non-pharmacological Axon therapy and advanced applications, such as robotics for applying Axon Therapy, including US Patent No. 10,369,373 issued on 6 August 2019 and US Patent No. 11,058,887 issued on 13 July 2021.

“We are pleased to strengthen our intellectual property protection with the addition of these new US patents,” said Keith Warner, CEO of NeuraLace. “Along with our robust international IP [intellectual property] portfolio, these patents bolster and expand the protection of our core Axon technology, highlighted by the use of transcutaneous magnetic stimulation as opposed to invasive and/or pharmacological solutions. The company’s clinical results thus far have been impressive, and we look forward to this momentum carrying forward to the completion and publication of our formal clinical studies.”

The company details in the release that it is in the process of expanding sites of its ongoing randomised clinical trial focusing on the application of Axon therapy to treat neuropathic pain broadly, while also initiating a large study focusing on peripheral diabetic neuropathy.


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