NeoRhythm to conduct study of its pulsed electromagnetic field headband device


NeoRhythm has been gathering customer feedback on its pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) headband device, since its launch in 2019, to conclude the largest PEMF research to date.     

Electromagnetic and bioelectromagnetic therapy pioneers Igor Jerman (BION Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Beverly Rubik (Institute for Frontier Science, Oakland, USA), are leading this first large-scale research on relaxation, focus and sleep.

The study has recruited more than 1,500 participants who use PEMF and will be undertaken in Europe and the USA.

The researchers will examine:

  • How different circumstances influence PEMF efficacy.
  • The most efficient frequency for the desired state.
  • Examining long-term impact.

Several PEMF headbands have found success with users, however, none of the developers behind these have tested them through large-scale independent scientific research, the company said in a press release.

PEMF technology works by emitting harmless rhythmic pulses that encourage the brain to sync. The brain can thus be compelled to go into various modes based on brain wave patterns that the pulses mimic. This can induce sleep, reduce pain, increase energy and focus, stimulate meditation and more.


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