Minimus Spine receives notice of allowance for its syringe designed to produce ozone for spinal injection


Minimus Spine announced that it has received a notice of allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office to protect the company’s sterile, disposable syringe to produce ozone for spinal injection. 

“This patent protects our sterile, disposable syringe, which interfaces with a desktop unit to produce and measure ozone at the patient’s bedside,” said David Hooper, Minimus Spine’s founder and CEO. “The syringe will give the physician and patient confidence that the injection is done in a sterile manner. This is a significant addition to Minimus Spine’s growing portfolio of intellectual property and builds upon previous patents already issued in the USA and Asia. This notice of allowance, coupled with the existing body of peer-reviewed literature, supports our continued effort to commercialise this product. We are progressing towards clinical trials and have identified a number of potential sites overseas. If the product can be successfully commercialised, it would enable many patients to avoid repeated spinal injections and surgery, reducing the cost of care considerably.”