Medtronic announces FDA approval of recharge-free Vanta spinal cord stimulation implant

vanta medtronic
Vanta neurostimulator

Medtronic has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for Vanta—a high-performance, recharge-free implantable neurostimulator (INS) with a device life that can be optimised up to 11 years. At comparable settings, the Vanta spinal cord stimulation platform offers nearly twice the device life of competitive primary cell devices, and utilises Medtronic’s proprietary AdaptiveStim technology for personalised pain relief that adapts to the patient’s movement or body position using a built-in accelerometer, according to a company press release.

“Not every patient with chronic, intractable pain is an ideal candidate for a rechargeable device, so the Vanta INS represents a welcome addition to my portfolio of available treatment options,” said interventional pain management physician Krishnan Chakravarthy (UC San Diego Health, San Diego, USA). “The extended battery life, broad MRI [magnetic resonance imaging] compatibility and personalised relief through AdaptiveStim technology allow for a more hassle-free experience, and greater freedom for my patients, as we manage their chronic pain.”

In a press release, Medtronic said it is continually innovating to advance spinal cord stimulation therapy technologies that improve quality of life for people with chronic pain. The Vanta neurostimulator represents a 10% increase in longevity compared to PrimeAdvanced, Medtronic’s previous-generation recharge-free device. It is also 20% smaller than the PrimeAdvanced neurostimulator, with a more rounded, ergonomic contouring to offer enhanced comfort.

The company also claims its AdaptiveStim technology goes beyond in-office programming by automatically adjusting stimulation to maintain each patient’s optimal dose, while the Vanta neurostimulator provides unmatched full-body MRI access with Medtronic SureScan technology.

The Vanta system provides access to Snapshot reporting, Medtronic’s proprietary data insights solution, offering clinicians objective reporting of patient activity levels to empower objective health conversations. Clinicians and their patients wishing to trial the Vanta neurostimulator may also take advantage of CareGuidePro, a mobile application and web portal that serves as a virtual guide for patients throughout their Medtronic spinal cord stimulation therapy journey, according to the company. CareGuidePro is currently in limited commercial release with a full launch expected later this summer.

“We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meets the needs of every patient,” said Charlie Covert, vice president and general manager, Pain Therapies within the Neuromodulation business, which is part of the Neuroscience Portfolio at Medtronic. “For those who prefer or require a recharge-free device, I believe the Vanta neurostimulator offers the best hardware and features available today. We are pleased to offer this solution, which is now part of the strongest and broadest overall portfolio in this market.”

Medtronic continues to focus on expanding access to its “highly effective” differential target multiplexed (DTM) spinal cord stimulation therapy through preclinical and clinical work. DTM SCS is currently available on the rechargeable Intellis SCS platform, and the company expects to share more information about its availability across the entire Medtronic spinal cord stimulator portfolio later this summer.


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