Medina Medical announces CE mark for its embolisation coil


Medina Medical has announced that it has received CE mark authorisation for its Embolization Framing Coil for commercial distribution in the European Union.

The Medina Embolization Framing Coil is used to treat brain aneurysms using minimally-invasive techniques, and is delivered like other embolization coils through a micro-catheter that has been threaded through blood vessels into the aneurysm. The novel Medina Embolization Framing Coil is designed to occupy space efficiently within an aneurysm.


“After three years dedicated to developing our product, we are so excited to be able to bring our technology to a broader group of patients. Helping patients is our passion. Seeing our technology play even a small part in the treatment of cerebral aneurysms, and knowing that we touched patients’ lives is what drives us,” comments Maria Aboytes, president and co-founder, Medina Medical.