Mazor Robotics announces first brain cases using its robotic platform


Mazor has announced the successful completion of the first robot-guided brain surgical procedures, which were performed with company’s technology. Neurosurgeons In-Se Kim and Robert Schönmayr performed the first three cases at Horst Schmidt Kliniken GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany.

“As one of the first medical centres globally to adopt robotic technology for spine surgeries, we are very proud to also be the first to expand its use to brain surgeries,” said Schönmayr.

“We see great potential in the application of robotic technology to brain and spine surgeries. Our patients have been the best testament to its clinical success,” added Kim.


In addition to its proven applications in spine surgeries, Mazor Robotics’ technology is applicable in the brain for biopsies, shunt placements and neurostimulation electrode placement such as for deep brain stimulation (DBS). As a frameless treatment solution for brain procedures, the robot’s precision, simplicity and safety profile have the potential to increase patient comfort, improve surgical accuracy and provide a less invasive approach, as well as potentially increase utilisation of the installed base.


“While our core is spine surgery, we are thrilled that our technology can be expanded to improve other surgical procedures,” said Ori Hadomi, CEO, Mazor Robotics. “Brain surgeries represent a large market opportunity that is aligned with our current focus on spine. Approximately half of surgeons who currently use Mazor’s Renaissance and SpineAssist robots for spinal surgeries are neurosurgeons, the call point for brain surgery. By offering a spine surgery and brain surgery solution, we provide a solution for a greater number of physicians in the typical neurosurgery department.”

Regulatory clearance for the brain application is pending in the USA and Europe. Upon regulatory clearance, the brain application will be available as an add-on to Mazor’s Renaissance system at a separate price point expected early 2013.