SNIS 2019: In select patients, conventional imaging is “unnecessary” and they should go straight to the angiosuite


Marc Ribo (Barcelona, Spain) talks to BLearning at SNIS 2019 (22—25 July, Miami, USA) about the benefits of optimising time to thrombectomy by cutting out imaging and going straight to the angiosuite.

Ribo says that in the acute phase of stroke “every minute counts” and that we “shouldn’t be spending unnecessary time on unnecessary procedures or tests”.

Ribo says that there is a set of patients in the very early time window of symptom onset in which he believes that “the full protocol of conventional imaging is completely unnecessary”. By cutting this phase and taking the patient directly to the angiosuite, Ribo claims that this can save up to 40 or 50 minutes which is “critical to patient outcomes”.


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