iMediSync unveils “world’s first” integrated wireless brain EEG solution at Consumer Electronics Show


iMediSync recently showcased its comprehensive electroencephalogram (EEG) solution, designed to perform brain screening and predictive analysis of potential mental conditions in just 10 minutes, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES; 5–8 January 2022, Las Vegas, USA).

The company launched its first therapeutic device—iSyncWave, which integrates both EEG brain mapping and light-emitting diode (LED) therapy—at CES 2022 during an open-to-public CES Show Day press conference on 6 January.

The device uses high-quality dry EEG sensors that autofit to various sizes and shapes, keeping 10 to 20 system locations and equipped with a matching sex/age naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) database.

According to an iMediSync press release, the recent addition of software upgrades and a US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval allowed the iSyncWave to be exported to the European Union, Asia, and Australia, for use in research and diagnostics.

The company also proposes an EEG-centric global vision of integrated tele-mental healthcare and central nervous system (CNS) drug development platforms, while cooperating with various neurologists and hospitals in South Korea in the fields of clinical depression, Parkinson’s disease, and other neuro-related diseases, to expand the biomarker research and development pipeline.


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