EOSolutions announces full commercial launch of Dr Banner balloon guide catheter


EOSolutions Corporation has announced the introduction of the Dr Banner balloon guide catheter (BGC), which boasts “unmatched features” for neurovascular procedures. As per a company press release, the device was developed in collaboration with InNeuroCo, and sets “new benchmarks” in catheter technology, providing physicians with “unparalleled capabilities”.

Key features of the device include a largest inner diameter of 0.091, improved proximal stability, distal trackability, and a super-compliant polyurethane balloon.

The release also states that Dr Banner’s features ensure physicians have access to cutting-edge tools for navigating complex anatomies and achieving optimal patient outcomes. This “state-of-the-art” device is a result of extensive research and development efforts by EOSolutions, aimed at delivering superior catheter solutions that address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals, it adds.

“Dr Banner marks a significant milestone in the field of neurovascular interventions,” said Anthony Parise, general manager, and head of sales and marketing at EOSolutions. “With its unparalleled inner diameter, proximal stability, distal trackability, and super compliant polyurethane balloon, Dr Banner empowers physicians to overcome the challenges of complex anatomies, providing precise and effective treatment options for their patients.

“We are excited to respond to the needs of our physicians by introducing this groundbreaking catheter that will improve upon their ability to perform the most challenging neurovascular procedures.”


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