Corindus announces regulatory approval of CorPath GRX for neurovascular intervention in Australia and New Zealand


CorPath GRX CorindusCorindus Vascular Robotics has announced that it received approval from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration to commercialise its CorPath GRX System for neurovascular interventions in Australia and New Zealand. The CorPath GRX System is already approved for percutaneous coronary and peripheral vascular interventions in the region.

In March 2019, Corindus received CE mark to commercialise CorPath GRX for neurovascular interventions in 33 countries in Europe and the company plans to initiate clinical cases with select partners in Europe as early as this summer.

“Approval of CorPath GRX for an expanded indication for neurovascular procedures in Australia and New Zealand represents a significant step in expanding the application of vascular robotics in global markets,” stated Mark Toland, president and chief executive officer of Corindus. “The significant need for expanding access to care has fuelled considerable clinical interest in vascular robotics. This new indication offers more patients the benefits of robotic precision while allowing physicians to gain valuable experience with vascular robotics to prepare for a future treatment paradigm, including telerobotic stroke treatment,” added Toland.


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