Brilinta with aspirin reduced disabling stroke or death in patients with acute ischaemic stroke or TIA


Results from a prespecified exploratory analysis of the positive THALES phase III trial have shown that for patients with acute ischaemic stroke or transient ischaemic attack (TIA), taking Brilinta (ticagrelor) 90mg twice daily along with aspirin for 30 days, reduced the rate of the composite of disabling stroke or death by 17%, when compared with using aspirin alone.  

These results reinforce the findings of the THALES phase III trial, showing that ticagrelor alongside aspirin, has a statistically significant reduction in the composite of stroke or death at 30 days in patients with stroke or TIA, that with aspirin alone. This study had 11,000 subjects across 28 countries.  

Additionally, this medication combination reduced the risk of severe bleeding events in patients with disabling stroke was 0.4% for aspirin with tricagrelor, compared with 0.1% for aspirin alone. The rate of the composite of non-disabling stroke or death at 30 days was 1.3% in the aspirin plus ticagrelor group and 1.6% in the aspirin only group 

Pierre Amarenco (Paris University, Paris, France), was the international coordinating investigator and vice-chair of the THALES Executive Committee, he commented: Until now, only aspirin had shown a significant reduction in disabling stroke during the first 90 days following an ischaemic stroke in a single trial. These new findings from THALES show that aspirin plus ticagrelor could provide a clinically meaningful reduction of the composite of disabling stroke and death compared to aspirin alone at day 30 due to subsequent ischaemic stroke.” 


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