Artio Medical announces interim study results highlighting aneurysm occlusion device


Artio Medical studyArtio Medical has announced the recent presentation of interim nonclinical study results at the ABC-WIN Seminar in Val d’Isere, France. Presented by Blaise Baxter, a neurovascular and peripheral interventional radiologist, the interim data demonstrated that use of the Endura Embolization System in bifurcation aneurysms can result in greater aneurysm occlusion and lower coil prolapse into parent arteries when compared to commercially available coil-only treatments.

“The Endura Embolization Device covers the aneurysm neck and provides a platform to embolize the remainder of the aneurysm sac,” said Baxter. “I am pleased to be the first to present the Endura technology to my peers. It is exciting to have this promising option on the horizon, and I believe it has the potential to significantly improve outcomes for patients with cerebral aneurysms,” he added.

The embolisation system consists of a detachable accessory balloon and soft platinum coils. The combination of coils and a balloon has the potential to provide immediate cerebral aneurysm occlusion, reduce the risk of coil prolapse, and promote endothelialisation of the aneurysm neck by presenting a flat, solid surface at the aneurysm neck. Funded by a Phase I SBIR grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health, the study compared the efficacy of the Endura Embolization System to coil-only treatments for the occlusion of aneurysms in a challenging model of terminal bifurcation aneurysms.

“We are pleased the Endura technology was presented at this year’s ABC-WIN conference which provided an excellent opportunity to engage with physicians,” said F Nicholas Franano, President and CEO of Artio. “Many difficult clinical cases were presented, highlighting the challenges associated with current commercially available devices. The feedback received on the Endura System was very encouraging, and we are increasingly confident in the clinical and commercial potential of Artio’s aneurysm occlusion devices.”


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