Acute ischaemic stroke care continuum: With stroke patients every step of the way


The fact that endovascular therapy is now well established for patients with acute ischaemic stroke has changed the face of stroke treatment forever. The last five years have been one of the most exciting times to be involved in the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke, with the paradigm still evolving and the community committed to discovering and implementing the most successful care continuum for patients.

In this supplement, Professor Valeria Caso speaks to NeuroNews about the major concerns that still need to be addressed, including the inequalities that still exist in stroke care in Europe and the importance of building strong relationships among all the stakeholders in the stroke community. In an in-depth interview, Dr Natalia Perez de la Ossa addresses what is being done to streamline the stroke care continuum in terms of pre-hospital organisation, comprehensive versus primary stroke care centres, and the technology that has been developed to ensure a rapid decision-making process. Perez de la Ossa gives an update on the RACECAT trial and weighs on what she thinks should be the top focus areas to treat stroke patients in the current era.


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