Valencia Technologies announces first commercial implantation of eCoin tibial neurostimulator


Valencia Technologies Corporation has announced in a press release that it has completed the “world’s first” commercial implantation of its eCoin leadless tibial neurostimulator, which gained US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval as an urge urinary incontinence treatment earlier this year. The surgery was performed by Kristie Greene (Florida Female Urology, Sarasota, USA).

“When I learned about eCoin, I was excited to have an additional option, particularly for those who were happy with percutaneous tibial nerve modulation, and for individuals who wanted to avoid general anaesthesia with sacral neuromodulation surgery or patients not desiring intradetrusor Botox,” said Greene. “Immediately, it seemed a natural fit for my practice. My patients were equally excited when they learned about eCoin. Furthermore, it became a more attractive option once they learned that it was done with local anaesthesia only.”

The release details that eCoin received premarket approval from the FDA in March 2022—making it the first and only FDA-approved implantable tibial neurostimulator indicated for the treatment of urge urinary incontinence.

“The first successful commercial implantation of eCoin marks the culmination of years of hard work by our team, representing a significant milestone for Valencia and the field of urge urinary incontinence treatment,” said Valencia CEO Stacy Chambliss. “We believe more patients will be served with greater satisfaction using our eCoin solution compared to the existing treatment options for urge urinary incontinence.”


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