Surmodics launches Preside hydrophilic coatings for neurovascular, coronary and peripheral applications


Surmodics has announced the commercial launch of its most advanced hydrophilic medical device coating technology, the Preside hydrophilic coatings.

As per a company press release, Preside hydrophilic coatings complement Surmodics’ existing Serene hydrophilic coatings by providing customers with a unique, low-friction and low-particulate generation coating to further enhance distal access for neurovascular applications, as well as improve crossing for challenging coronary lesions or chronic total occlusions.

Preside hydrophilic coatings are “specifically formulated to meet the challenge of achieving the right balance of enhanced lubricity (reduction in friction) and excellent coating durability (resulting in low particulates) for the next generation of neurovascular, coronary and peripheral vascular devices”, the release adds.

Surmodics’ Preside hydrophilic coatings allow customers to leverage their existing coating processes, resulting in easy implementation in a manufacturing environment, according to the company.

“Hydrophilic coatings are an essential feature to help medical devices access and navigate tortuous vascular pathways, allowing physicians to reach distal treatment sites for improved therapeutic outcomes,” said Charlie Olson, Surmodics senior vice president and president of the company’s Medical Device Coatings business. “We are pleased to secure the first 510(k) device clearance that leverages this new technology. Our Preside hydrophilic coatings strengthen our existing portfolio and set a new performance standard for the industry, and the medical device manufacturers we serve.”


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